The Ifugao Nation Face Masks: Safe, Sustainable, & Weaves our Common Stories

At the end of 2020's first quarter, the COVID pandemic was well underway in changing our way of life and affecting most of us adversely. As the whole nation struggle to cope, medical frontliners and health care workers braced to fight back. Unfortunately, personal protection equipment and other health supplies have gone scarce as manufacturers and suppliers are unable to match demands.

To help protect the community and its members, Ifugao Nation turned its woven fabric products to raw materials in order to produce reusable face masks. These were first given to families and communities of individuals working with Ifugao Nation. Additional masks continued to be produced and were donated to medical personnel and other frontliners in neighboring communities and other areas. 

By June 2020, Ifugao Nation has produced over 10,000 reusable face masks using Ifugao weaves. Over the same time, more than 3,000 of these masks were donated to individuals, communities, and government and nongovernment organizations.


How are our masks made?

To ensure our masks protect effectively, only appropriate and proven materials are used. The design and make also consider comfort and strength, so that these masks may be used for as many times as reasonably possible when cared for properly. 

All our masks have three layers: (1) an outer layer of Ifugao weave, (2) a non-woven polypropylene layer for filtration, and (3) polyester inner lining for comfort.

All Ifugao Nation products are prepared and handwoven in Ifugao by men and women in our communities. The continued production of these reusable face masks and other woven products helps support their families especially as farming and other usual livelihood are adversely affected by the pandemic. 


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