Frequently Asked Questions

How does my purchase support the weaving industry? 

Your purchase supports the livelihood of weavers and craftsmen and women in Ifugao, most of whom are also the farmers who cultivate the rice terraces. By supporting this enterprise, you allow us to keep these traditions alive and financially viable in this day and age. 

Does my purchase also support the conservation of the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras? 
As the social enterprise arm of the Save the Ifugao Terraces Movement (SITMo), your purchase enables us to do more of SITMo’s conservation work. SITMo is involved in rice research, documentation of traditional practices, heritage education, ecotourism, and weaving. 

Are there things that I should know when using these weaves?
We know that there is a line between appreciation and cultural appropriation and it is something that we are very conscious of. Most of the weaves that we post to sell are new creations inspired by traditional textiles and patterns. With blessings from our elders, we have switched and mixed colors and patterns to innovate and bring new life into the weaves that we make. We are glad to share these with you.

When we do upload traditional textiles and garments, we make sure to write about the cultural context of these weaves to create learning opportunities for everyone.

Can we know more about the weavers too? 
Of course! Our weaves are made by the Kiyyangan Weavers Association. Some of them are in the photo on our homepage: Junia Guimpayan, Eliza Dumanop, Maria Galeon, Emilia Alindayo, Virginia Tuguinay, Rita, and Lolita Guyguyon.

KIWA has a total of 60 members as of March 2021, including men weavers, who are featured in some of our facebook posts. Our weavers meet every week to yield completed weaves for uploading and selling, get new materials, and catch-up or discuss design ideas with fellow weavers.

In time, we will post articles in our website featuring our weavers, the intricate processes involved in their work, and some of the trainings they undergo or facilitate to sustain the Ifugao weaving tradition.

Where are you based?
Our weaving room is in Kiangan, Ifugao. We have volunteers in Metro Manila who help us with logistics and online platforms, but most of the work that we do is based in the highlands.  

Do you accept partnerships? Can I donate to your organization?
For collaboration, fundraising, or volunteer work ideas, please email Let us see what we can do together.