The Weaving Room & the Ifugao Nation Online Store

Q: Do you have a physical store (in ifugao or anywhere)?

A: We have a weaving room in Kiangan Ifugao where some of our completed weaves are stored and displayed. You may also see our weavers at work here if you visit on a regular weekday and see or purchase available items that interest you. (At this time, a province-wide protocol is in effect in line with the pandemic. Kindly consider this in case you plan to visit)

Once ready, our products are posted on our online store (click here to see). It may take us some time to post new products as our weavers use traditional methods. So visit our online store from time to time to see new products we have made.


Q: Are all your products made in the weaving room?

A: Our weavers who live nearby usually chose to work at the weaving room where most of the implements and materials they need are kept. But we also have weavers from other areas of Ifugao who prefer to work in their house and involve members of their family and neighbors as well. Weavers who usually work at their homes are in Hingyon, Asipulo, Banaue, Lagawe, and even in Kiangan.


Q: Where do the materials for your weaves come from?

A: We get our yarns, both cotton and polyester from HABI, an organization that supports weaving industry in the Philippines. They also support communities farming the Philippine cotton by buying cotton yarns from them.

We source dyes we use on our binobodan (ikat) pieces from local communities and stores that carry them.


Q: Do you restock sold items?

A: We do requests our weavers to create similar, if not totally the same, weaves from time to time, especially when there is demand for such.


Q: Do you accept custom or made to order items?

A: Given time and provided that materials needed are available, we do accept made to order items on a very limited basis. This is due to our weaving being community-based and traditional operation.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: PayPal, Bank transfer or payment (Landbank, BDO, BPI), and through GCash. A prospective buyer can select the most convenient option at the checkout.


Q: Ordering an item for someone, can you ship it to their address?

A: Yes. At the checkout, add a note to your order to tell us the name of the person and shipping address. We will send you a tracking information to see when the delivery has been made.


I have a concern about my items. How can I contact you? 
Send us an email at and we'll gladly assist you.

Please note that our products are artisanally-made, with most of the processes involved done the traditional way – by hand. Our weavers, stitch and embroidery hands, tailors, and others involved do their best to ensure quality. We put great effort to present our products as honestly as our photographed image can capture them. Please allow room for some variation and even minor imperfection as characteristic features of traditionally-produced community-based products.