Weavers Give Back

We called on you to help us give back, and you did not disappoint. We are sharing with you where the little gift we've put together will go. Thank you and God bless!


As we pick our lives after typhoon ulysses, we continue to pray for families and communities affected by the onslaught of successive typhoons that brought so much loss and destruction. We hope that much needed relief is being provided especially to those most affected and vulnerable.

Our communities were not spared from devastation. Fortunately, local government units, organizations, and many individuals led and continue to provide relief and other assistance to those affected. We thank everyone who stepped up and continue to help. The extent of the loss and destruction require many to come together to rebuild.

Our weavers and their families are safe and we have resumed our work. In gratitude and solidarity, we are pitching in in efforts to continue providing relief to affected communities.

Part of proceeds from the latest batch of wraparounds/throw blankets will be allocated to continuing relief efforts in different Ifugao communities. In addition, part of proceeds from sales of other weaves and masks for November will also be donated for this purpose.

Let us continue to do what we can to help each other. We are one tribe --- and we are our own tribe’s hope. 


P.S. In case you want to make a donation on top of your purchase, you can put it in our tip box at the check out which we activated for this purpose until December 01, 2020.


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